1. Open platform. Connects all clinics, labs, offices and hospitals that are geographically apart Leverages any existing investment in hardware and networks
  2. Easy, reliable and timely access to clinical, ambulatory and patient demographic data including electronic medical records and electronics health records
  3. Easy access to financial data
  4. Allows for better and faster healthcare service to patients including improved response to demands, diagnosis and treatments
  5. Creates a platform for information exchange and resource utilization between departments
  6. Single point solution for optimizing productivity and reducing manpower costs.
  7. Reduces transcription errors, and reduces duplication of information entries
  8. Enhanced information integrity
  9. Enhanced data security
  10. Enhanced hospital efficiency, profitability and reduction of operational cost and wastage
  11. Improved operational control and streamlined operations and administration
  12. Greater organizational flexibility
  13. Less paperwork. Paperless environment which includes e-prescription of drugs, lab and radiology services
  14. Tight integration and faster information workflow between various departments
  15. Improved monitoring of drug usage, and study of effectiveness and other lab and radiology services
  16. Decision support system for decision makers for developing comprehensive health care policies.
  17. End to end supply chain management.

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