Eyebrow threading eyebrow threading tutorial

Eyebrow threading; the complete guide of doing it by yourself

Eyebrows are becoming more and more popular and you don’t want to miss this beautiful trend! Eyebrow threading is a great way to trim and keep your eyebrows in shape.

With all the concerns about the potential risks of raising eyebrows, many women still prefer to pick their eyebrows.

It reduces skin pain and softness, removes the finest hair, and speeds up the procedure. Best of all, if you learn how to do it yourself, it’s cheaper or even free.

Read how to raise your eyebrows and how to do it yourself with this step-by-step guide!

Step-by-step tutorial for eyebrows Threading for beginners

What is necessary?

  • Thin long cotton thread or thread
  • A small pair of scissors
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Aloe Vera gel
  • Powder
  • Baby ice packs or oral gels.

Step-by-step procedure for eyebrow threading

Face preparation

Eyebrows change from unpleasant to painful in the first place. There are three things you can do to relieve or eliminate pain in some way. But before that, you need to clean your face as well as your cosmetology ritual.

Apply an ice pack to your eyebrows and paralyze that area. You can also use an oral baby gel that is as effective as an ice pack. Apply a loose powder to form a barrier.

Prepare the cotton thread

Measure about 15 to 20 inches of cotton thread before cutting; tie both sides of the thread to make a thread and a loop. Do this at least three more times to tighten the knots and loops. You can also trim the extra thread protruding from the knot for a neat loop.

Test the cotton thread loop

Spread the thread loop with both hands and stretch it to check the strength after that hold both fingers with both hands and hold the other side of the loop so that you can pull on both sides.

You can also learn how to pull the cotton thread through your finger.

Make X

Twist the cotton thread with one hand to make an X in the middle, if you run X, flip it over again. How do you know which hand to turn? This is a cotton thread hand and tries to use your dominant hand.

Before you start, you must first practice the cotton thread against your skin. Practice opening and closing one hand by holding one side of the loop so that the twist moves in the center. This is the part that does the job of removing the hair.

Prepare eyebrows

Be aware that eyebrows can grow in a couple of weeks. Prepare your eyebrows so that you can remove them without any problems. You can use the eyebrow pencil to mark or draw any shape on your eyebrows. Start drawing from the inside to the outside of the eyebrows.

Make sure both eyebrows are evenly contoured.

Start by raising your eyebrows

When you’re done and feel confident, you can start raising your eyebrows. Place the twisted part of the bow on the part where you want to thread the thread.

Find the hair you want to remove and apply a loop twist to the hair. You can also go against the direction of hair growth to prevent the development of ingrown hair.

Then close your hands to control the cotton thread and gently slide it over the hair you want to remove the twisted cotton thread.

Pull the thread while threading it on the hair and the twisted horns will pick it up and pull it out. Gently slide over the skin and do not force the cotton thread to prevent irritation.

Eyebrow threading

Cut the eyebrows with scissors

Repeat this process with the remaining eyebrows you want to lighten. For beginners, this is a great way to start, but you will soon be able to master it.

When you have finished all the unwanted eyebrows trim the eyebrows with small scissors for a clearer shape.

You can also use an eyebrow brush to wipe your hair, so you can see the direction of hair growth. You can also refer to this eyebrow tutorial to get an eyebrow shape that fits your face.

Apply astringent

When the eyebrows are finished, apply an astringent to lighten the area and apply aloe Vera gel to soothe the area.

You can also reapply a baby ice pack or oral gel to paralyze the pain caused by the process. Oral gels are unlikely now, but eyebrow wearers favor them.

 Brightening and shaping your eyebrows is only the first step in achieving an attractive eyebrow. There are many techniques for hair removal, but eyebrows are rapidly becoming a trend.

Gain Confidence with your beautiful eyebrows, eyebrow threading can be done via various methods but the above-listed method is widely used and easy to do.

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