HealthFusionix® HIMS addresses all major functional areas of any small, midsize or to large-scale hospital. It is:

  1. GUI-based and user friendly
  2. Highly versatile and robust
  3. Completely web based HIMS ERP solution
  4. 100% paperless
  5. Modular and scalable
  6. Seamless integration of modules
  7. Multi-level security
  8. 128-bit web encryption
  9. Easily customizable
  10. Data consistency
  11. Role-based user access
  12. Instant database back-up
  13. Powerful audit trail log tracks all entries into the system
  14. Can be hosted on a high-speed dedicated Web Server in a secure
  15. environment
  16. Works on all hardware platforms
  17. Compatible with all web-browsers
  18. Compatible with DICOM (Digital Imaging And Communications in Medicine)
  19. Works on handheld and mobile devices

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