Is Laser hair removal safe? Benefits, Side Effects, and Other Facts

If you are looking to get laser hair removal then you must go through some important points like, its merits and demerits, side effects, what is compatible skin for this treatment, and many more.

It always looks amazing to think about hassle-free hair removal, this can be a considering option and can be a bad decision as well. Laser treatment completely depends on the type of skin and the structure of the hair.

Having some sort of knowledge before getting this treatment can help any individual to be on the right track as we must know the entire major and minors about it.

There are many other hair removal options around us like Waxing, Shaving, tweezing, etc. So why laser hair removal then? What is the benefit of having this treatment? And how this is different from any other hair removal method? We will find out all these important questions in this fact-revealing article.

 Let’s start with understating what is laser hair removal and how is it done?

Knowing Laser Hair Removal and its procedure

The process of removing hairs and hair follicles via laser light is known as Laser Hair removal, in this process, the laser light is directly emitted into the hair follicle which destroys it and this prevents new hairs from being grown and this leads to the removal of existing hairs in the region and preventing from new growth.

Now, there is a very asked question i.e. Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

The direct answer to it is no, this process is not permanent but this is a long-lasting process, some doctors and clinics claim it to be permanent but it is not. This lasts very long and even years as the process directly targets hair follicles. But this is not permanent after some years the follicle regains and starts the hair growth again but this takes a very long time.

This procedure is completely safe but not every skin is compatible with it, there are many clinics that run several tests before doing this procedure to make sure that there should not be any side effects to it.

The procedure of Laser Hair Removal-

• The treatment is started with reviewing the medical history to find out any potential side effect host, make sure, to be honest, and clear with all the medicines that you have taken in past due to any reason.

• After that have a conversation about this treatment with the doctor, discuss all the possible side effects, chances, situations. Tell him about any major operation or surgery that you went through in past. Being honest is really important before starting this.

• Make sure to take before and after photos to review the work quality and to find out any changes or any mistakes

• After that doctor will start the treatment via applying a liquid cooling gel on the area or that gel may be on the tip of the laser machine.

• The doctor will emit the laser on the area and that will lead to experiencing the heat of laser and cooling effect at the same time.

• The duration of the procedure may vary according to the area in which treatment is being done.

Merits, Demerits, and myths about Laser Hair Removal treatment

It is really important to discuss all the possibilities, merits, and side effects of this treatment before going under it.

There are many rumors and myths about this treatment which often misguides people, lets bust some of these myths before heading towards benefits and side effects.

This treatment is too painful” – No it’s not, saying too painful will not be the right word, yes it is painful and some people find it unbearable too, but let’s consider shaving, removing hairs via shaving includes removal via razor, a thin steel blade which can lead to heavy damage, isn’t is painful and risky? But people still do this and the same goes for this treatment too, this is painful but not that much.

The skin becomes dark after this treatment”- No this is not even a side effect to it, yes the laser hair removal method applies heat to the surface but the heat is directly applied to the hair follicles, not on the entire skin and a gel that prevents the heating damage if applied before starting.

This process takes too much time”- No it’s not, the time will be consumed only in consulting and taking the decision, the process of this treatment is really quick and sometimes this takes few minutes only, depending on the area of the treatment.

This treatment is a permanent solution” – Sorry for the major disappointment but this doesn’t last permanently, the real fact is that it delays the hair growth and you will be rid of hairs for a very long time, not permanent.

Merits –

• Accuracy- Treatment targets hairs only and doesn’t damage nearby skin like other creams

• Fast Process – Fast process and in some minutes you will be free for years

• Safe and Hassle-free- Completely safe and simple procedure


• Not compatible with all skin types

• Possibility of side effects like swelling, itching, and redness

• Uncertainty of pigment changes

Some facts that you must know about Laser Hair Treatment

There are some common facts that you must know before on-going this treatment, we handpicked these facts to answer all the possible questions which directly affects this treatment –

• Patience is the key – It could take two to three sessions to see the difference and you need to keep a lot of patience to see the final result.

• Clean the hair before the treatment – You need to clean up the area before on-going this treatment as the laser treatment needs to be done on a plain surface.

• No heat after the treatment – You need to avoid any process that leads the body to heat up, like gym, running, hot showers, or any other process. Avoid these things as this may lead the heating bacteria to get multiplied and this will not be good.

• Sun will not be your best friend- Sun is the ultimate source of heat and you need to avoid any sunbath, sun exposure, or any other activity which involves sun into it. Try to apply a lot of suns cream if it is important.

• More hairs after Laser Treatment – Yes, this is true. In some cases, this treatment also leads towards more hair growth but this is rare yet possible.

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